Chandler & Price 12x18
S/N D1090 


The next couple pictures are of the press as it was sitting in Cuba, ILL.  The first picture is after we've removed the ink wheel and feeder tables so they don't get broken during the move.  The second picture shows the variable speed motor used to run the press...huge press - small motor!!  Just doesn't seem the right size.


The next picture below shows how we first saw the press...feeder table and treadle still attached.  Yup, that's a treadle.  This press rolls over amazingly smooth and is super quiet!!!  We are thinking it's going to treadle very easy once restored to printable again.  The picture of the doorway shows the C&P just inside the doors shadows awaiting the wrecker to lift it out of the shop.


The first picture below is as we've removing it. The big issue for me moving it from the print shop was the trailer would have to be at an angle due to a tree.  With the wrecker boom we were able to pick at an angle and take it right out of the door.  Here it's seeing it's first light of day in years.  Once outside the press was lowered onto the back rest of the wrecher and then moved into place to set onto the trailer.  This whole process of picking the press and setting it on the trailer took about 20mins.  Everything went as planned, and hiring a wrecker to boom pick it was the best idea and money well spent (much safer too!!)


Here is the final spot for this beast, this is how he looks today within Liberty Press.  The treadle is hooked up, and soon a belt will be hooked to it also.  As of spring of 2017 the only thing keeping this guy from printing is no good rollers.